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How to Verify a Professional's License in Costa Mesa?

The first step to take in ensuring the success of projects that you wish to undertake in Costa Mesa is verifying the licensing status of the professionals that you hire to handle these projects. The California Department of Consumer Affairs licenses and regulates over 200 different categories of professionals though its 39 boards and bureaus, and you can verify your intended professionals' licenses online via its DCA license search tool.

Furthermore, you should also ensure that your intended professionals pull any necessary city-issued permits that may be required for your project. Costa Mesa typically requires permits for projects that involve the construction of residential and commercial structures and the significant modification of any electrical, mechanical, or plumbing systems within these structures. Costa Mesa permitting is typically handled by the Building Safety Division of the city's Development Services Department, and you can contact this division at (714) 754-5273 or via email to direct any permit-related queries that you may have.

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Do Costa Mesa Neighborhood Councils
Issue Permits?

Neighborhood groups and associations in Costa Mesa are not authorized to issue permits. However, they collaborate with several city departments and divisions to deliver a variety of programs that are aimed at enhancing their communities, promoting social, emotional, and physical well-being amongst residents, and improving the quality of life in the city. These departments and divisions include, but are not limited to, the Costa Mesa Parks and Community Services Department, Community Improvement Division, and Housing and Community Development Division.

In July 2021, city officials marked the completion of the second phase of the Costa Mesa Community Improvement Project with the unveiling of the new Norma Hertzog Community Center and the reinvigorated Lions Park Playground. In October 2021, city officials held a public hearing to educate residents, and also seek their input, on the city's upcoming redistricting process.

How to File an Unfair Business
Complaint in Costa Mesa?

Matters involving deceptive, unscrupulous, fraudulent, or unfair business practices in Costa Mesa can be reported to the Orange County District Attorney's Office. Residents of the city can file complaints with this office by completing and submitting a consumer complaint form along with copies of relevant supporting documents via email or mail-in to:

  • 300 N. Flower Street
  • P.O. Box 808
  • Santa Ana, CA 92703

Interested parties can also contact this office via phone number (714) 834-3482 to make oral complaints or direct any consumer complaint inquiries. Note that you may still be required to fill out and submit a consumer complaint form if you make oral complaints. Also, there is no guarantee that filing a complaint with this office will result in satisfactory restitution to you from the subject of your complaint. Finally, while the Orange County District Attorney's Office is authorized to investigate and prosecute consumer complaints from residents of Costa Mesa, it is not allowed to give legal advice or provide legal representation to private citizens. Consequently, it may be in your best interest to consult with a private attorney in addition to filing a consumer complaint, to figure out available legal steps that you can take to obtain satisfactory restitution from a business. You can get information on qualified attorneys near you via the Orange County Bar Association's Request a Referral online service. Referrals can also be requested from this association by calling either (949) 440-6747 or (877) 257-4762.

Alternatively, you may take legal steps without an attorney by filing a lawsuit at the Orange County Small Claims Court. Note that this option is only available to individuals that are seeking monetary compensation that is not more than $10,000. You should contact the Orange County Small Claims Advisory at (714) 571-5277 to get information on how to go about a small claims lawsuit.