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How to Verify a Professional's License in Fresno?

More than 200 types of occupational licenses are issued to eligible professionals in Fresno by the various boards and bureaus of the California Department of Consumer Affairs. Before retaining the services of any professional in the city, it is imperative that you verify the licensing status of this individual. You can confirm that the Fresno professional you wish to hire has a valid occupational license by making use of the Department of Consumer Affairs' online license search portal.

After confirming the licensing status of your intended professional, you should go a step further by ensuring that this professional obtains all applicable permits that may be required for the job or project you plan to carry out. City-issued permits are typically required for projects that involve the construction or alteration of buildings and structures as well as the installation and repair of electrical, mechanical, gas, and plumbing systems. The Building and Safety Services Division of the Fresno Department of Planning and Development is responsible for issuing these permits, and you can direct your queries concerning the permitting process to (559) 621-8082 or (559) 621-8084.

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Do Fresno Neighborhood Councils
Issue Permits?

Fresno is divided into seven districts and each of these districts is made up of several neighborhoods. You can find out the district that your neighborhood belongs to through the council district locator provided by the city council. Residents of neighborhoods in Fresno typically create formal or informal organizations, such as neighborhood associations, neighborhood watch programs, homeowners associations, and community development corporations. While these organizations do not issue permits to Fresnans, they generally provide avenues that make it easier for the city to focus its services on matters and issues that are considered a high priority amongst the residents of their respective neighborhoods. For example, during the 2021 Arbor Day holiday, the Fig Garden Homeowners Association organized a weekend event to educate residents of the area about the trees in their area and encourage them to replant new ones to maintain the neighborhood's original tree plan. Similarly, in January, the Lowell Community Development Corporation partnered with local groups to organize a community cleanup event.

How to File an Unfair Business
Complaint in Fresno?

The Consumer and Environmental Protection Division of the Fresno County District Attorney's Office investigates and prosecutes both civil and criminal violations of the laws that govern fair business practices and public advertising in Fresno. You can file reports concerning unfair or fraudulent business practices with this office by completing and submitting a consumer protection fraud form via either email or mail-in to:

  • Financial Crimes
  • P.O. Box 389
  • Fresno, CA93708

Queries can also be directed to the District Attorney's Office via phone number (559) 600-3141 or in person at:

  • 2100 Tulare Street
  • Fresno, CA 93721

It should be noted that the Fresno District Attorney's Office is not permitted to obtain money on your behalf or help you cancel a signed contract and any debts that may be associated with it. Therefore, if you intend to do these or obtain any other form of personal relief from the business against whom you made the complaint, then you should also hire a private lawyer and pursue legal action. Alternatively, you can file a claim with the Fresno Small Claims Court without a lawyer. However, only cases for money for actual damages can be filed with this court, and any claims that you file must not exceed $7,500. You can get free assistance on how to pursue your small claims action by contacting the Fresno Small Claims and Civil Advisors Clinic at (559) 457-2174.

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