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How to Verify a Professional's License in Huntington Beach?

The California Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) is responsible for regulating the activities of professionals in Huntington Beach through its 39 boards and bureaus. The DCA oversees the licensing of more than 3.6 million eligible professionals across over 200 occupational categories, and it is important that you confirm the licensing status of professionals in Huntington City before retaining their services. You can authenticate the licensing status of your preferred Huntington Beach professional online by utilizing the license search tool provided and maintained by the DCA for this purpose.

Also, certain factors, such as the type of professional you hire and the nature and scope of the service that this professional is expected to provide, may determine whether or not you will be required to obtain city-issued permits. Huntington Beach permits are typically required for projects that involve the construction and alteration of buildings and structures within the city, and they are issued by the Permit Center of the city's Community Development Department. Queries concerning Huntington Beach's permitting procedures and requirements can be directed to the city's Community Development via phone number (714) 536-5271 or via email.

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Do Huntington Beach Neighborhood Councils
Issue Permits?

No, resident and community-created groups and organizations are not authorized to issue permits to interested parties in Huntington. Nonetheless, these organizations, which include neighborhood and homeowners associations, generally collaborate with each other as well as with relevant city agencies and authorities to maintain the beauty, ensure the safety, and improve the general livability of their different neighborhoods. In July 2021, the Sunset Beach Community Association held its 57th Annual Sunset Beach Pancake Breakfast, the proceeds of which are typically used to offset the association's operating costs and run the local community center. In April 2021, a 5-2 city council vote resulted in city officials indefinitely postponing any plans to go to court over the state mandate on housing goals that had seen serious pushback from residents of Huntington Beach.

How to File an Unfair Business
Complaint in Huntington Beach?

Residents of Huntington Beach can report matters that involve deceptive business practices or the misrepresentation of services in the city to the Consumer Protection Unit of the Orange County District Attorney's Office. This unit is charged with reviewing, investigating, and prosecuting these types of matters, and you can file a complaint by downloading, properly completing, and submitting a consumer complaint form, either via email or mail-in to:

  • 300 N. Flower Street
  • P.O. Box 808
  • Santa Ana, CA 92703

Queries concerning the complaint filing process can be directed to phone numbers (714) 834-6553 and (714) 834-3482.

It should be noted that it may take a period of up to eight weeks for the Consumer Protection Unit of the Orange County District Attorney's Office to review and respond to complaints that it receives. The specific length of time that this takes is dependent on factors like the nature of the complaint and the amount of actionable information provided with the complaint. As such, it is advisable to include supporting documents like contracts, payment receipts, and written correspondence with the business in question when filing a complaint. Also, filing a complaint with the Orange County District Attorney's Office does not guarantee monetary restitution or personal relief, and this office is prohibited from giving you legal advice, legal opinions, or acting as your attorney. Therefore, you should consider retaining the services of a private attorney and pursuing private legal action if you intend to obtain some form of personal remedy from the business that is named in your complaint. For example, if you intend to seek personal remedies to the tune of $10,000 or less, then your best option is to file a lawsuit with the Orange County Small Claims Court. You can get referrals to private attorneys in Huntington Beach by utilizing the referral service provided by the Orange County Bar Association. Referrals can also be gotten by contacting this service at (949) 440-6747 or (877) 257-4762.