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What to Ask Before Hiring an Electrician in Irvine

Irvine is a family-friendly city and one of the nation’s most successful planned urban communities. Known for its beautiful parks, excellent schools, and thriving businesses, it is also home to the US headquarters of global brands like Vizio, Mazda, Kia, and Taco Bell. Unsurprisingly, the city grew 45% from 212,375 in 2010 to 307,670 in 2020, with more than 95,000 new residents . Access to quality electrical services is essential to maintaining the city’s acclaimed quality of life. Thankfully, Irvine electricians are up to the task and ready to assist with electrical system installations, repairs, upgrades, and replacements at any residential, commercial, or industrial site.

What Do I Need to Know Before Hiring an Electrician in Irvine? 

A well-trained and licensed electrician conversant with the California Electrical Code and all applicable local amendments should always handle electrical work, no matter how minor the task. Otherwise, you risk exposing yourself and others to potentially fatal injuries and expensive property damage. Common electrical tasks that trained and licensed Irvine electricians manage include: 

  • Building wiring and rewiring 
  • Electric outlets and receptacles installation, replacement, and repair 
  • Electric panel and subpanels installation, upgrades, and repair 
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting installation and repair 
  • Wiring, lighting, and control systems inspection and maintenance 
  • Permit pulling and code violation corrections  
  • Service equipment troubleshooting, maintenance, and upgrades 

Are You Licensed as an Electrician in Irvine? 

Electricians in Irvine must possess a C-10 Electrical Contractor License issued by the California Contractors State License Board (CSLB) before they can do any electrical work worth $500 or more. Violating this licensing requirement is a misdemeanor, and offenders face jail time of up to six months, fines of up to $15,000, or a combination of jail time and fines. 

Even though this state-issued license is not required for work valued at less than $500, it is best to hire licensed electricians for all electrical jobs. Doing this assures you that the electrician is qualified for the task and reduces your chances of falling victim to an electrician scam.  

You can verify whether the CSLB has appropriately licensed your prospective Irvine electrician via its Check a Contractor License platform or by calling its Licensing Information Center at (800) 321-2752. 

What Rates Do You Charge for Your Electrical Services in Irvine? 

While Irvine electricians generally charge between $50 and $110 per hour for their services, several variables influence the final costs of electrical work in the city. These variables include the following: 

  • The type of electrical services  
  • The scope and complexity of the work 
  • Your location within the city 
  • The urgency of the job 
  • The cost of materials, like wires and fixtures 
  • The cost of required permits 
  • The electrician’s local reputation and level of experience   

Before hiring, consider getting and comparing quotes from at least three electricians. This way, you can get a fair estimate of the cost of your projected electrical work and avoid being overcharged by fraudulent electricians.   

Are You a Master Electrician in Irvine? 

Confirming your prospective electrician's level of experience and competence is essential so you know they are qualified to provide the electrical services you need. Irvine electricians are typically grouped into three categories based on their respective experience and competence levels: 

  • Apprentice Electricians: These are unlicensed entry-level electricians who must always work under the direct supervision of a licensed electrician and are typically allowed to perform only basic electrical work.
  • Journeyman Electricians: These electricians have completed the minimum acceptable training and gained the proficiency and expertise required to obtain a state-issued electrical license, with at least four years of hands-on electrical work experience. These electricians must demonstrate their competence and expertise by passing a state-administered exam with a score of at least 70 percent before becoming licensed. 
  • Master Electricians: These are licensed electricians with several years of on-the-job experience accumulated after obtaining their electrical licenses. As such, master electricians generally have the expertise, proficiency, and competence required for a wide array of electrical works, including the direct supervision of other electricians.  

Will My Electrical Project Require a Permit in Irvine? 

The Irvine Community Development Department oversees the city’s permitting process and issues permits for electrical works. While permits are generally required for all electrical projects in Irvine, be it installing new electrical systems or altering existing ones, exemptions may be made for some electrical works. These exemptions include, but are not limited to the following: 

  • Repairing or replacing fixed electrical appliances 
  • Repairing current-carrying parts of any contactor, switch, or control device 
  • Removing electric wiring  
  • Work involving electrical wiring, devices, appliances, apparatus, or equipment operating at less than 30 volts 

You can get additional information on permit pulling in Irvine and confirm if your intended electrical works are permit-exempted by contacting the city's Community Development Department at:   

1 Civic Center Plaza Irvine, CA 92606 Phone: (949) 724-6470 What Type of Electrical Services Do You Offer in Irvine?

Electricians in Irvine typically offer several types of electrical services to interested city residents, including the following: 

Outlet and Fixtures Installation/Replacement
$100 - $250 
Circuit Breaker Switch Replacement
$100 - $250 
Electrical Panel/Wiring Upgrade
$1,000 - $5,000 
Home Wiring/Rewiring
$3,500 - $10,500 
General Repair Work
$50 - $350 
Electrical Inspection
$100 - $300 
Service Equipment Upgrades
$500 - $7,500 
Emergency Electrical Services (on top of regular charges)
$100 - $200 per hour

Will You Be Doing the Work, or Do You Outsource the Electrical Work in Irvine? 

Professional Irvine electricians generally can handle most electrical works by themselves; however, they sometimes have to outsource large or complex projects, like wiring new homes or commercial property or upgrading electrical panels and service equipment in industrial facilities. Nevertheless, it is best to ask if your specific electrical project will be outsourced when making hiring arrangements with your electrician. If subcontractors will be involved in your project, take the following actions: 

  • Ensure that you are informed before any subcontractors are hired and that each is properly licensed, insured, bonded, and competent. 
  • Get lien waivers to protect yourself from responsibility if the primary electrician fails to pay these subcontractors. 

Are You a Fully Insured and Bonded Irvine Electrician? 

You should always confirm that your prospective Irvine electrician has complied with the mandatory bond and insurance requirements for electricians in the city before they begin any electrical work on your property. These requirements are as follows: 

//">Informing potential customers on whether or not they carry commercial general liability insurance before performing any residential electrical work. Note that even though electricians are not required to have this insurance, it is strongly recommended that they do

Contact the California Contractors State License Board at (800) 321-2752 to get additional information or direct inquiries concerning Irvine electricians’ mandatory bond and insurance requirements.  

Do You Offer Any Warranties on Your Electrical Work in Irvine? 

Even though professional and reputable electricians in Irvine always provide warranties for their electrical work, you should double-check this with your prospective electrician. Be wary of any electricians who claim warranties are unnecessary or refuse to offer them. 

The electricians who issue these warranties also determine their specific terms and conditions, including the warranty's coverage and validity period. Because of this, it is always a good idea to ask for a written copy of any warranty you are offered to review it thoroughly. Also, confirm that the warranty's validity period is of one year at least

How Do I Resolve Any Issue I Have with Your Electrical Services in Irvine? 

You can report issues concerning subpar or unsatisfactory electrical services, electrical scams, dishonest electricians, and other similar consumer matters in Irvine by submitting a Consumer Complaint Form to the Orange County District Attorney's Consumer Protection Unit, either by email or mail-in to: 

300 N. Flower Street P.O. Box 808 Santa Ana, CA 92703

You can also report these issues to the California Contractors State License Board by filing a construction complaint with this agency.