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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Garage Door Contractor in Los Angeles

Considering that garage doors are typically one of the heaviest single pieces of moving equipment in many homes, failing to properly install or maintain these doors can have dire consequences. Automatic garage doors account for over 20,000 injuries annually, several of which result in permanent brain injury and death, especially in children. As such, it is always in your best interest to leave your garage door repairs or replacement to a professional garage door repair contractor.

To ensure that you hire suitably qualified garage door repair contractors in Los Angeles that provide their services per federal garage door safety standards, endeavor to ask the following questions:

Are You Licensed to Practice as a Garage Door Repair Contractor in Los Angeles?

The California Contractors State License Board (CSLB) regulates the activities of garage door repair contractors that operate in Los Angeles. Per these requirements of this board, these contractors must hold a valid board-issued C-61/D-28 - Doors, Gates, and Activating Devices Contractor License before they bid for or provide services worth $500 or more in Los Angeles, cost of labor and materials inclusive. Individuals who violate this licensing requirement can face statutory and administrative penalties of up to $15,000 in fines and jail time of up to six months for first offenders, with repeat offenders facing even steeper punishments.

Individuals who wish to obtain a CSLB-issued contractor license may complete an Application for Original Contractor License Form and submit it to the board via the channels provided on the form. Note that these applicants must also meet specific eligibility criteria, such as:

  • Being 18 years or older
  • Providing acceptable documentation to prove that they have attained at least four years of journeyman-level garage door repair and installation work experience within the last ten years
  • Paying all stipulated application fees
  • Passing a CSLB-administered licensing examination
  • Meeting board-mandated bonding and insurance requirements

Inquiries concerning the CSLB's licensing process for garage door repair contractors can be directed to the board at (800) 321-2752. You can also verify that the garage door repair contractor you wish to hire holds a valid CSLB-issued contractor license by calling the aforementioned number or using the Check a License platform that the board maintains and makes publically available online.

How Much Do You Charge Compared to Other Garage Door Repair Contractors in the City?

The cost of garage door repairs in Los Angeles is dependent mainly on six major factors, namely:

  • The extent of the damage to the garage door
  • The style and design of the garage door
  • The type of material that the garage door is composed of
  • Overhead door finishes
  • The labor intensity of the job
  • Your specific location within the city

Getting and comparing rates from several garage door repair contractors in the city is ideal before making your final hiring choice. Doing this helps you get a fair estimate of the going rates for your required repair services and is also a good way to avoid being scammed by fraudulent garage repair door contractors. Note that you should give these contractors similar job parameters when requesting cost estimates from them. Also, do not just automatically hire the contractor with the lowest rate. Find out why their rates are lower than the others and look out for other qualifying criteria like their licensing status and area of specialization.

Garage door repair contractors in Los Angeles earn an annual average wage of $47,610. The list below compares the hourly average wages of these contractors with those of garage door repair contractors in other major California cities as well as other locations across the country:

Los Angeles Garage Door Repair Contractors Hourly Average Wage
San Francisco Garage Door Repair Contractors Hourly Average Wage
Long Beach Garage Door Repair Contractors Hourly Average Wage
San Jose Garage Door Repair Contractors Hourly Average Wage
San Diego Garage Door Repair Contractors Hourly Average Wage
New York City Garage Door Repair Contractors Hourly Average Wage
Phoenix Garage Door Repair Contractors Hourly Average Wage
Chicago Garage Door Repair Contractors Hourly Average Wage
Houston Garage Door Repair Contractors Hourly Average Wage
Philadelphia Garage Door Repair Contractors Hourly Average Wage
Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

What Kind of Garage Door Services Do You Offer?

Garage door repair contractors in Los Angeles generally provide a wide range of services to interested parties in the city. These services can be grouped into four categories, namely:

  • Garage door installations: this involves installing brand new garage doors and garage door openers. These services are typically requested by individuals moving into newly constructed homes and homeowners looking to remodel their homes or upgrade their old garage doors and garage door openers. The cost of a new installation, including the labor fee, ranges from $250 to $3,500 depending on the garage door's size, design, type, and material.
  • Garage door replacements: this service is similar to installing a new door as it involves replacing a faulty door or a part of the door opening system. Therefore, prices and labor costs may remain the same as for a new installation. Depending on the new brand of garage door you are installing, you may save some money on a replacement service if you are reusing some older parts, including the openers or the rails. Nevertheless, for safety reasons, before re-using some other parts, seek from your contractor the guarantee that such parts are adaptable to the new garage door.
  • Garage door repairs this involves servicing garage doors to ensure that they run smoothly and fixing faults that may affect the efficient operation of these doors. Some common garage door repair services requested by LA homeowners include:
    • Broken garage door spring repairs
    • Broken garage door cable repairs
    • Door panel damage
    • Door frame damage
    • Broken or loose rollers
    • Broken or loose hinges
    • Damaged garage door panel replacements
    • Bent/broken garage door track repairs
    • Safety sensor alignments
    • Roller inspections and replacements
    • Moving parts lubrication
    • Auto-reverse testing
  • Garage door maintenance: to avoid a door emergency, you can schedule regular maintenance service with a reputable garage door repair firm in Los Angeles. Under this arrangement, the firm will perform a general inspection for damage, lubricate moving parts, and check and correct the following when they visit:
    • Assess loose hinges and roller guides
    • Assess proper spring balance
    • Assess the weather seals
    • Assess worn rollers and loosen tracks
    • Assess door openers
    • Assess safety sensors
    • Assess the automatic reverse function

Always confirm that the garage door repair contractor you wish to hire offers the specific type of garage door services that you need and also has the necessary tools and skills required for the job before you finalize any arrangements with them. Doing this goes a long way toward ensuring that the task is completed satisfactorily the first time, avoiding hiring a more qualified contractor to redo the work.

Average cost estimates for commonly requested garage door services in the Los Angeles area are provided below. Note that factors like the specific nature and scope of the service and your location within the city will influence the actual amount that you will have to pay for these services:

Estimates for garage door installation based on type (materials only):

$450 - $1,250
Tilt-Up Canopy
$550 - $1,500
Tilt-Up Retractable
$650 - $2,100
$800 - $2,500
$900 - $3,000

Estimates for garage door installation based on configuration (materials only):

$650 - $1,500
$850 - $3,600
$1,500 - $8,000

Estimates for garage door installation based on size (materials only):

8' x 7'
$400 - $950
9' x 9'
$450 - $1,100
10' x 10'
$500 - $1,200
12' x 7'
$520 - $1,350
12' x 12'
$650 - $1,500
16' x 7'
$700 - $3,600
16' x 8'
$750 - $5,100

Estimates for garage door installation based on door material (materials only):

$500 - $3,600
$550 - $4,000
$750 - $2,500
$800 - $5,000
$850 - $3,100
$950 - $4,500
$1,000 - $6,000

Estimates for garage door installation based on style (materials only):

$750 - $2,000
$1,100 - $4,000
French Doors
$1,500 - $5,000

Estimates for garage door opener installation based on type (unit only):

$150 - $250
$150 - $300
$170 - $300
$200 - $350
$350 - $450
$350 - $550
$550 - $700

Estimates for garage door screen installation based on type (materials only):

$50 - $200
$100 - $1,500
$500 - $1,500

Estimates for garage door installation and replacement labor (per hour):

New door installation
$50 - $100
Door replacement
$55 - $200
Old door disposal
$30 - $50

Estimates for garage door repair based on door material:

$150 - $600
$200 - $650
$250 - $650
$250 - $750
$250 - $850
$250 - $1,000
$275 - $750

Estimates for garage door repair or replacement based on faulty components:

$100 - $300
$100 – $250
$100 - $250
$150 - $250
Circuit board
$150 - $450
$100 - $400
$125 - $650
$150 - $650
Lock Bar
$100 - $175
$100 - $300
$100 - $950
$150 - $1,000
$100 - $200
$100 - $175
$100 - $175
$150 - $550
$100 - $300

Estimates for garage door repair based on type of problem:

Bounces when closing
$100 - $200
Cable came off
$100 - $250
$100 - $250
$100 - $350
Sagging in the middle
$100 - $500
Opens and closes by itself
$100 - $500
$100 - $750
Snapped lock cable
$120 - $250
Sagging Header
$120 - $400
Stuck to floor
$125 - $250
Stuck closed or open
$130 - $400
$125 - $600

Will You Get the Garage Door Installation Permits as Required per the Los Angeles Building Code?

A building permit is usually required for construction and home improvement projects in Los Angeles, and these include new garage door installations and replacements that involve structural alterations to the building and garage door motor repairs. These building permits are issued by the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS), and they can be obtained via the following steps:

  • Confirming that your property lies within Los Angeles city lines via the city's ZIMAS online tool
  • Completing an Application for Building Permit or Grading and Certificate of Occupancy Form. Depending on the scope of the project, you may also have to prepare project plans.
  • Submitting the application form and accompanying project plans to the LADBS via its ePlanLA portal for plan checks and reviews. Note that applications for projects that do not require a plan check may be made via a separate express permit portal. Alternatively, application forms and plan submissions can also be made in person at any of the following LADBS office locations:
Metro (Downtown) Office
201 and 221 N. Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Van Nuys Office
6262 Van Nuys Boulevard
2nd Floor
Room 251
Van Nuys, CA 91401
West LA Office
1828 Sawtelle Boulevard
West Los Angeles, CA 90025
South LA Office
8475 S. Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90044
San Pedro Office
638 S. Beacon Street
San Pedro, CA 90731

After the permit application forms, supporting documentation, and stipulated permit fees are received and reviewed by the LADBS, the requested building permits will be issued, and the garage door installation, replacement, or repair job can commence. The LADBS may inspect the permitted projects to ensure that they comply with all pertinent city regulations.

It is always a good idea to contact the LADBS before undertaking any type of home improvement project in Los Angeles to verify if a building permit will be needed for the project. You can do this and also get additional information on the specific permitting requirements for the project in question by calling 311 and (213) 473-3231 for callers within Los Angeles and outside the Los Angeles area, respectively.

Inquiries can also be directed to the LADBS at any of its office locations mentioned above between 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, and 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. on Wednesdays. Note that this department's South LA and San Pedro locations are usually closed to the public between the hours of 12 p.m. and 1:00 p.m., Mondays to Fridays.

What Brands of Garage Doors Do You Work With?

Determining the types and brands of garage doors your intended garage door repair contractor specializes in is crucial in determining their suitability for your garage project. Garage doors in Los Angeles are typically made from materials like steel, aluminum, fiberglass, wood composite, vinyl, and wood, and they come in several designs and opening mechanisms, such as:

  • Tilt-up/Up-and-over canopy garage doors
  • Tilt-up/Up-and-over retractable garage doors
  • Sectional garage doors
  • Roller garage doors
  • Side-hinged garage doors
  • Side-sliding garage doors
  • Paneled garage doors
  • Carriage house double garage doors
  • French-style garage doors

Professional garage door repair contractors in the city will typically assess your peculiar living conditions before recommending the best type of garage door that will be suited to your home. Nevertheless, when making this decision, the following factors should always be considered:

  • Security
  • Safety
  • Durability
  • Cost
  • Motor strength
  • Insulation/energy-efficiency
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Aesthetic appeal

Regardless of the type of garage door that you intend to install in your home, you should always consider going with garage door brands from tried and trusted garage door manufacturers like:

Unique Garage Doors
$350 - $3,000
$400 - $4,000
$550 - $2,000
CHI Overhead Doors
$820 - $4,900
$850 - $8,500
$500 - $5,000

Note that the efficiency of your garage door will largely be affected by the type and quality of the garage door opener that you install with it. These openers are typically sold separately and are usually customizable to fit the specific features of your home. Some common top-quality garage door opener brands include:

LiftMaster 8500 Elite Series 8500
$460 - $570
Chamberlain B6765T Smart Garage Door Opener
$520 - $570
Genie ChainDrive 550 Garage Door Opener
$170 - $200
Nexx Garage Smart Wi-Fi Controller NXG-200
$250 - $280
Genie Aladdin Connect Smart Garage Door Opener
$130 - $200

Do You Carry the Necessary Insurance Policy for Garage Door Repair Contractors in Los Angeles?

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that at least 460 mechanical door repairers were injured on the job in 2020 alone. In situations where these injuries or other detrimental work-related events like property damage and contractor errors occur during your garage door project, you may be held liable if your contractor is not insured. Thus, confirming your intended garage door repair contractor's insurance status is an important criterion to check when determining their suitability for your garage project.

Garage door repair contractors that operate in Los Angeles are not required to carry general liability insurance. However, they must inform residential customers of their liability insurance status. These contractors must also carry workers' compensation insurance for any employees that they have and maintain a surety bond of $15,000 throughout the validity period of their CSLB-issued contractor licenses.

To this end, always request proof of compliance with these insurance and bonding requirements from any garage door repair contractor you wish to hire in Los Angeles and verify this with the appropriate insurance and bond company. You can also contact the California Contractors State License Board (CSLB) at (800) 321-2752 to get additional information on the mandatory insurance and bond requirements for garage door repair contractors operating in Los Angeles.

How to File a Complaint Against a Bad Garage Door Contractor in the City

Consumer complaints concerning bad garage door repair contractors in Los Angeles can be filed locally with the LA City Attorney's Office as well as with other agencies like the LA County Department of Business and Consumer Affairs (DCBA) and the California Contractors State License Board (CSLB).

Complaints concerning shoddy and fraudulent home improvement services are common in Los Angeles and are among the top ten consumer complaints made in the area. In July 2021, NBC Los Angeles reported a growing trend of scammers posting fake listings for garage door repair services online and defrauding unwary homeowners who contact them for these services. You can avoid falling victim to these types of scams by recognizing certain red flags, such as:

  • The contractor is uninvited to your home and offers free garage door inspections or maintenance services.
  • The contractor does not have a local verifiable physical address
  • There is a noticeable absence of company branding or inconsistent names on the contractor's vehicles, uniforms, and paperwork
  • The contractor quotes prices that are unusually lower or higher than the average going rates for your required service
  • The contractor offers a cost estimate for the job before assessing your home and the garage door
  • The contractor demands payment in advance

The tips below can also help you avoid garage door repair scams in Los Angeles:

  • Always be wary of unsolicited contractors
  • Search for reputable contractors in the city via online directories provided by the CSLB and the International Door Association.
  • Get written estimates from at least three different contractors and compare these estimates before making your hiring choice.
  • Always verify your preferred garage door repair contractor's licensing status before they commence any work.
  • Do not hire garage door repair contractors that do not have a verifiable local address.
  • Be wary of contractors that cannot provide you with references
  • Always check any references that you are given
  • Look up your intended contractor on the CSLB's Most Wanted webpage as well as third-party review websites like the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, and Google Review.
  • Confirm your contractor's insurance and bonding status
  • Do not hire contractors that demand full payment upfront and limit any advance that you make to a maximum of $1,000 or 10% of the project's total value, whichever is less
  • Be wary of contractors that insist on cash payments
  • Make sure that you have a written and well-detailed contract for your required garage door service in place before any work begins
  • Carefully review contracts, warranties, and any other documents that you are given before signing them

You can report bad garage door repair contractors and garage door repair scams that occur in Los Angeles to the LA City Attorney's Office by calling (213) 978-8070 or (877) 522-2737 or by submitting an online complaint to this office. Complaints concerning garage door repair-related matters that occur in the city can also be reported to the following agencies:

  • The LA County Department of Consumer and Business Affairs (DCBA) – by calling phone numbers (213) 974-1452 and (800) 593-8222 or by filing a consumer complaint online with this department
  • The LA District Attorney's Office – by contacting this office's Consumer Protection Division at (213) 257-2450
  • The California Contractors State License Board (CSLB) – by filing a construction complaint with this agency
  • The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) – by calling (213) 928-8223

Finally, you can file a lawsuit in an appropriate LA County Court to pursue private legal action against the subject of your complaint. However, it is important to remember that you should always get legal advice before pursuing any form of court-related action. You can get assistance on this by utilizing the State Bar of California resources via its Need Legal Help webpage.