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How to Verify a Professional's License in Sacramento?

With more than 200 types of professionals licensed to provide services to residents of Sacramento, it is your responsibility to ensure that your preferred professional is duly licensed per city requirements. This not only provides you with a level of assurance of the quality of the professional's services but also protects you against any financial liabilities that may occur due to unforeseen circumstances. Professionals in Sacramento are licensed through the 39 boards and bureaus of the California Department of Consumer Affairs. This agency also provides an online license search tool that allows interested Sacramentans to verify the licensing status of professionals that they intend to employ.

In addition to hiring a duly licensed professional, you should also make sure that you obtain all necessary permits required for your intended project. For example, projects like new constructions, remodeling, tenant improvements, and work on electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems require a building permit issued by Sacramento's Building Division through its Permit Services section. Starting these types of projects without obtaining the required permits can result in penalties, such as the payment of a fine. It is also a good idea to find out from your local neighborhood organization whether any additional requirements may be applicable for your locality.

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Do Sacramento Neighborhood Councils
Issue Permits?

Neighborhoods in Sacramento typically have neighborhood organizations that help keep their respective communities safe, healthy, and clean. You can get information on available groups in your neighborhood through the city's neighborhood directory. Organizations listed in this directory have to meet certain requirements, which include having identified officers and meeting at least once every three months. While neighborhood organizations do not issue permits, they offer several benefits to their communities, such as keeping residents informed of any proposed construction and building-related projects that may affect the neighborhood. They also assist residents in connecting with city officials and agencies that can help improve the livability of their communities. For example, in August 2021, the Golf Course Terrace Estates Neighborhood Association hosted a free ice-cream social at Chorley Park that also doubled as a free Covid-19 vaccination clinic for interested attendees. Similarly, city council member Jeff Harris utilized a Gardenland Northgate Neighborhood Association meeting to announce the redesigning of the Natomas single-family rental community project to a for-sale residential project. According to the council member, the shift in direction of the project was a direct result of meetings held between the community members and the project developer.

How to File an Unfair Business
Complaint in Sacramento?

Sacramentans can report unfair, fraudulent, and dishonest business practices to the Consumer Unit of the Sacramento County District Attorney's Office by properly filling out a consumer fraud complaint form. The completed form can be submitted via fax to (916) 321-2232, via email, or by mail-in to:

  • 906 G Street
  • Suite 730
  • Sacramento, CA 95814

Depending on the nature of the complaint, the District Attorney's Office may offer legal remedies like mediation, further investigations, or prosecutions. However, this office is not permitted to take any actions to obtain personal relief on behalf of complainants. As such, if your intention is to obtain any money that you may be owed, cancel a debt or contract, or gain any other forms of personal relief, then you should also retain the services of a lawyer or law firm to file a private lawsuit. You can also seek monetary restitution through the Sacramento Small Claims Court. Note that the maximum amount that you may seek in this court is $10,000 and you will be limited to filing only two cases per year for matters that involve more than $2,500. While the Small Claims Court is an informal court that allows individuals to represent themselves without a lawyer, it is advisable to get proper legal advice before taking any court-related actions. You can also contact the Sacramento Small Claims Advisory Clinic at (916) 875-7846 to get free individualized assistance on how to proceed with your case in the small claims court.

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