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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Garage Door Contractor in San Jose

Whether you are renovating your property or upgrading it for sale, repairing your garage door is one quick investment that can enhance its curb appeal and resale value. Realtors claim you can get almost 100 percent of the invested cost on a garage door repair when selling. However, to capture this value or forestall possible injuries from poor repairs, it is best not to attempt such repair or maintenance by yourself or leave it to an untrained handyman. Malfunctioning garage doors account for over 20,000 injuries annually, with some of these resulting in emergency room visits for children.

However, before you settle for any garage door repair contractor in San Jose, ask the following questions to ensure the professional works in line with federal garage door safety standards, and can complete your job correctly:

Are You Licensed to Practice as a Garage Door Repair Contractor in San Jose?

To carry out garage door installation and repairs in San Jose, your contractor needs to carry a C-61 D-28 Door Gate and Activating Devices Contractor license issued by the California Contractors State License Board (CSLB). This license is necessary for garage door installation or repair projects that cost $500 and above.

Applicants must complete an Application for Original Contractor License to get the C-61- D-28 license. The contractor must demonstrate four years of journeyman-level experience and pass a law exam. To sit for this exam, the applicant must be at least 18 years old, have a valid driver's license or national identity from the US government, a Social Security number, and not be on probation or parole at the time. The applicant must get a qualifying individual who is in the CSLB records and meets the experience and exam requirements for the license to sign off on their experience. The applicant must also verify work experience with acceptable documentation.

Operating without a license is a misdemeanor in San Jose, punishable by up to six months in jail and/or a $500 fine, as well as a $200 to $15,000 administrative fee for the first infraction. The penalties increase with each additional infraction. A second conviction might result in a punishment of up to 20 percent of the contract price of the job executed, or $4,500. In addition, the unlicensed contractor may be imprisoned for at least 90 days. To verify the licensing status of your garage door contractor, use the CSLB Check a License platform.

For additional information about contracting as a garage door contractor in San Jose, contact the California Contractors State Licensing Board at (800) 321-2752.

How Much Do You Charge Compared to Other Garage Door Repair Contractors in the City?

The cost of garage door repairs in San Jose is largely influenced by certain factors such as the extent of the damage, the style and design of the garage door, the type of material used to construct the garage door, the overhead door finishes, the labor intensity of the job, and your specific location within the city.

It is best to gather and compare quotations from many garage door repair professionals in the region before hiring. This helps you get a good estimation of the going rate for your critical repair services while protecting you from being taken advantage of by fraudulent garage repair door pros. When requesting cost estimates from these companies, ensure that you provide them with comprehensive task specifications. Also, do not merely hire the contractor who offers the lowest price. Examine why their rates are lower than others, and keep a look out for other qualifiers, such as their licensing status and area of specialization.

Garage door repair contractors in San Jose earn an annual average wage of $61,630. The list below compares the hourly average wages of these contractors with those of garage door repair contractors in other major California cities as well as other locations across the country:

San Jose Garage Door Repair Contractors Hourly Average Wage
Los Angeles Garage Door Repair Contractors Hourly Average Wage
San Francisco Garage Door Repair Contractors Hourly Average Wage
Long Beach Garage Door Repair Contractors Hourly Average Wage
San Diego Garage Door Repair Contractors Hourly Average Wage
New York City Garage Door Repair Contractors Hourly Average Wage
Phoenix Garage Door Repair Contractors Hourly Average Wage
Chicago Garage Door Repair Contractors Hourly Average Wage
Houston Garage Door Repair Contractors Hourly Average Wage
Philadelphia Garage Door Repair Contractors Hourly Average Wage
Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

What Kind of Garage Door Services Do You Offer?

Garage door repair companies in San Jose often provide a wide range of services to the city's residents. These services are divided into four groups, namely:

  • Garage Door Installation: This entails the installation of brand-new garage doors as well as garage door openers. Individuals moving into newly constructed houses and homeowners wishing to modify their homes or upgrade their old garage doors and garage door openers usually request these services. Depending on the garage door's size, shape, type, and material, the cost of a new installation, including labor, ranges from $200 to $4000.
  • Garage Door Replacement: This service is comparable to installing a new door in that it entails replacing a defective door or a component of the door opening mechanism. As a result, prices and labor expenses may remain the same as with a new installation. Depending on the new garage door brand you are installing, you may be able to save money on a replacement service if you reuse some previous parts, such as the openers or rails. However, for safety concerns, before reusing other parts, check with your contractor to ensure that they are compatible with the new garage door.
  • Garage Door Repairs: This service entails servicing garage doors to maintain smooth operation and forestall repair problems that may interfere with the efficient operation of these doors. Some of the most typical garage door repair services sought by San Jose residents include:
    • Auto-reverse testing
    • Bent/broken garage door track repairs
    • Broken garage door cable repairs
    • Broken garage door spring repairs
    • Broken or loose hinges
    • Broken or loose rollers
    • Damaged garage door panel replacements
    • Door frame damage
    • Door panel damage
    • Moving parts lubrication
    • Roller inspections and replacements
    • Safety sensor alignments
  • Garage Door Maintenance: This involves the process of preserving the ideal condition of a garage door through monthly maintenance with a professional San Jose garage door repair company. When they visit, the firm will undertake a general inspection for damage, lubricate moving parts, and check and rectify the following:
    • Assess door openers
    • Assess loose hinges and roller guides
    • Assess proper spring balance
    • Assess safety sensors
    • Check the automatic reverse function
    • Check the weather seals
    • Check worn rollers and loosen tracks

Before signing any contracts with a garage door repair contractor, ensure that they provide the specific garage door services you require and the necessary supplies and talents for the job. This increases the likelihood that the task will be completed satisfactorily the first time, eliminating the need to hire a more qualified contractor to perform the work.

The average pricing estimates for frequently requested garage door services in the San Jose region are as follows. It is crucial to remember that the exact kind and scope of the service, as well as your location within the city, will affect the actual amount you will have to pay for these services:

Estimates for garage door installation based on type (materials only):

$535 - $1,335
Tilt-Up Canopy
$635 - $1,585
Tilt-Up Retractable
$735 - $2,185
$890 - $2,585
$980 - $3,090

Estimates for garage door installation based on configuration (materials only):

$740 - $1,590
$940 - $3,680
$1,590 - $8,080

Estimates for garage door installation based on size (materials only):

8' x 7'
$490 - $1040
9' x 9'
$535 - $1,190
10' x 10'
$590 - $1,290
12' x 7'
$600 - $1,440
12' x 12'
$740 - $1,590
16' x 7'
$780 - $3,690
16' x 8'
$830 - $5,180

Estimates for garage door installation based on door material (materials only):

$580 - $3,690
$635 - $4,100
$835 - $2,600
$885 - $5,100
$940 - $3,190
$1030 - $4,585
$1,090 - $6,090

Estimates for garage door installation based on style (materials only):

$835 - $2,090
$1,190 - $4,090
French Doors
$1,580 - $5,085

Estimates for garage door opener installation based on type (unit only):

$240 - $340
$240 - $390
$255 - $385
$290 - $350
$430 - $530
$440 - $630
$650 - $790

Estimates for garage door screen installation based on type (materials only):

$135 - $290
$190 - $1,590
$580 - $1,590

Estimates for garage door installation and replacement labor (per hour):

New door installation
$135 - $190
Door replacement
$140 - $300
Old door disposal
$105 - $140

Estimates for garage door repair based on door material:

$235 - $690
$290 - $730
$330 - $720
$335 - $820
$335 - $930
$330 - $1,090
$360 - $840

Estimates for garage door repair or replacement based on faulty components:

$190 - $390
$190 – $330
$190 - $330
$230 - $320
Circuit board
$230 - $530
$190 - $490
$200 - $730
$230 - $720
Lock Bar
$190 - $235
$190 - $390
$190 - $1030
$230 - $1,080
$180 - $290
$190 - $260
$190 - $265
$230 - $630
$190 - $390

Estimates for garage door repair based on type of problem:

Bounces when closing
$190 - $290
Cable came off
$190 - $320
$190 - $330
$190 - $430
Sagging in the middle
$190 - $600
Opens and closes by itself
$190 - $590
$190 - $830
Snapped lock cable
$210 - $320
Sagging Header
$210 - $490
Stuck to floor
$215 - $330
Stuck closed or open
$205 - $490
$210 - $685

Will You Get the Garage Door Installation Permits as Required per the San Jose Building Code?

Permits are required in San Jose for projects such as garage door installation. To be specific, you will need to secure an Over-the-Counter (OTC) permit from the San Jose Development Services Permit Center to carry out such a project on your residential property. To get this permit, you must produce plans that indicate the intended alterations for OTC projects. The OTC Permit only applies to residential constructions such as:

  • Single-family and duplex homes, and
  • 1-story non-sprinklered multifamily properties with four or fewer units.

The project must use traditional framing that meets building requirements. Projects involving atypical framing, large structural alterations, structural calculations or analysis, or the services of a licensed design professional (designer, architect, or engineer) must employ the Plan Review Service.

To get started on the permitting process, schedule an appointment. However, before you arrange an appointment, you must have the following items in your possession:

  • A completed and signed Building Permit Application.
  • A completed and signed Form 311 Owner-Builder Acknowledgement and Verification of Information Form.
  • Documentation of Signature Authority
  • Single-Family/Duplex Project Submittal Form (for single-family/duplex properties)
  • Plan Review Submittal Package (for multifamily or commercial projects)
  • Plans (floor plans, site plans, or elevations, depending on your project)
  • Permit fees
  • Any supporting documents that your project may require, such as a Master File.

For additional information about permits for garage door installation and repairs in San Jose, contact the San Jose Development Service Permit Center at:

San Jose Development Service Permit Center
200 East Santa Clara Street
San Jose, CA 95113
Phone: (408) 535-3500

What Brands of Garage Doors Do You Work With?

Before deciding on the suitability of your prospective garage door repair contractor for your garage project, it is vital to learn about the types and brands of garage doors in which they specialize. San Jose garage doors are mostly made of steel, aluminum, fiberglass, wood composite, vinyl, and wood, and they come in a range of designs and opening ways, including:

  • Carriage house double garage doors
  • French-style garage doors
  • Paneled garage doors
  • Roller garage doors
  • Sectional garage doors
  • Side-hinged garage doors
  • Side-sliding garage doors
  • Tilt-up/Up-and-over canopy garage doors
  • Tilt-up/Up-and-over retractable garage doors

Professional garage door repair specialists in San Jose will frequently assess your specific living situation before recommending the ideal type of garage door for your property. Nonetheless, the following factors should always be taken into account when making this decision:

  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Cost
  • Durability
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Insulation/energy-efficiency
  • Motor strength
  • Safety
  • Security

Whatever sort of garage door you intend to place in your home, you should always consider garage door brands from proven and renowned garage door manufacturers such as:

$850 - $8,500
CHI Overhead Doors
$820 - $4,900
$400 - $4,000
$2,200 -$7,500
Unique Garage Doors
$475 - $4120
$500 - $5,000

It is important to note that the type and quality of the garage door opener you install will significantly impact its efficiency. These openers are normally supplied individually and can be customized to meet your home's unique features. Some popular high-quality garage door opener brands are:

Chamberlain B6765T Smart Garage Door Opener
$260 - $449
Genie Aladdin Connect Smart Garage Door Opener
$91 - $272
Genie ChainDrive 550 Garage Door Opener
$179 - $415
LiftMaster 8500 Elite Series 8500
$459 - $500
Nexx Garage Smart Wi-Fi Controller NXG-200
$49 - $79

Do You Carry the Necessary Insurance Policy for Garage Door Repair Contractors in San Jose?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 460 mechanical door repairers were injured on the job in 2020 alone. You may be held liable if your contractor is not insured and these injuries or other unfavorable work-related occurrences, such as property damage or contractor errors, occur during your garage door job. As a result, the verification of your prospective garage door repair provider's insurance status is an essential factor to consider when determining their suitability for your garage project.

The CSLB requires contractors to produce proof of workers' compensation insurance or exemption to operate as a garage door contractor in San Jose; if they have no employees, they must submit an exemption certificate. A contractor's bond or cashier's check in the amount of $15,000 is also required. It is important to note that home improvement contractors are obligated by law to notify homeowners of their liability status.

Consequently, always ask any garage door repair contractor in San Jose for proof of compliance with these insurance and bonding standards, and double-check this proof with the relevant insurance and bonding companies. You can also contact the California Contractors State License Board (CSLB) at (800) 321-2752 for more information on the obligatory insurance and bond requirements for San Jose garage door repair contractors.

How to File a Complaint Against a Bad Garage Door Contractor in the City

The Consumer Protection Unit of the County of Santa Clara Office of the District Attorney is in charge of processing any consumer complaints concerning businesses, including garage door contractors in San Jose. Such concerns might also be directed to the California Contractors State License Board (CSLB).

Complaints about substandard and fraudulent home improvement services are widespread in San Jose. In 2018, ABC 7 News reported that a city contractor was facing 33 felony counts and was suspected of scamming consumers out of more than $800,000 in a home remodeling scam labeled as the greatest contractor scam in San Jose at the time. To avoid falling prey to these types of scams, be suspicious of contractors who:

  • Claim to have stopped by because they were in the neighborhood - the good ones are frequently too preoccupied to look for work.
  • Pressure you into committing to a project with them by employing scare tactics.
  • Claim they can give a lesser price because they have excess material - this could indicate that they overcharged a previous customer or did not complete the work.
  • Create limited-time offers, pressing you to hire them immediately to receive a discount.
  • Demand upfront payment or provide financing from a known lender.
  • Tell you there is no need for a contract.

The following suggestions will also help you avoid San Jose garage door repair scams:

  • Request to see references. Make sure to ask former clients thorough questions, such as if the project was completed on schedule and whether there were any unexpected expenditures. Inquire about a current job as well.
  • Request a written bid and compare bids from several contractors before agreeing to any work.
  • Pay using a check or credit card rather than cash, as these methods are easier to challenge in the event of a scam.
  • Put down a little deposit. The first payment should be no more than one-third of the overall estimate and be made on the day the materials arrive.
  • Don't always accept the lowest bid. Some contractors cut corners to undercut competition; if one contractor's estimate is much cheaper than those of competitors, inquire as to why.
  • Allow the contractor to arrange financing for you. Scammers may try to persuade you to take up a home equity loan or reverse mortgage to pay for repairs, with the lender paying them directly, leaving them little motivation to finish the job or do it correctly.
  • Check with the CSLB and the International Door Association to look for reputable contractors and use the Better Business Bureau and the CSLB Most Wanted list to see if any complaints have been filed against the contractor.
  • Get a formal contract before you spend any money or start any work. Check the fine print for a complete description of the job, material costs, start and finish dates, and warranty details.
  • Check that everything about the project is in order before making the final payment.

By calling (408) 792-2880, sending an email, or making an online complaint, you can report fraudulent or incompetent garage door repair companies and garage door repair scams in San Jose to the Consumer Protection Unit of the County of Santa Clara Office of the District Attorney.

You can also file a construction complaint with the California Contractors State Licensing Board.