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How to Verify a Professional's License in Santa Clarita?

The California Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) oversees the activities of over 220 categories of professionals, and more than 3.6 million professionals have currently been issued with licenses by this agency that make them eligible to practice in Santa Clarita. Verifying the licensing status of any professional that you intend to hire is a necessary step to take in ensuring the potential success of your project. You can authenticate licenses issued by the various boards and bureaus of the DCA through its online license search tool.

After verifying the license of your intended professional, the next step to take in ensuring a successful project is obtaining any necessary permits that may be required by the city. Permits are typically required for building and home improvement projects to make sure that these projects meet both state and local building codes, and they are issued by the Santa Clarita Building and Safety Division through its Permit Center. You can direct queries concerning Santa Clarita's permit-issuing procedures and requirements to its Building and Safety Division at (661) 255-4935.

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Do Santa Clarita Neighborhood Councils
Issue Permits?

No, neighborhood committees, associations, or other community-based organizations in Santa Clarita do not issue permits to residents of the city or any other interested parties. Nonetheless, these organizations collaborate with city departments and other stakeholders to improve the quality of life of Santa Clarita residents and provide them with access to targeted outreach and enrichment programs and other available citywide resources. You can contact the Santa Clarita Community Services Division at (661) 250-3739 or via email to get information on available neighborhood and community resources in your area of residence. In September 2021, city officials invited non-profit organizations that provide community and art services to Santa Clarita residents to take part in an informational meeting on the 2022 grant cycle of the city's Community Services and Arts Grants Program. Similarly, in August 2021, the Santa Clarita Public Library partnered with local organizations to provide non-perishable food items and toiletries to low-income residents of the city through a ˜Food for Fines' program that saw library cardholders waive library fines and fees in exchange for donating these items.

How to File an Unfair Business
Complaint in Santa Clarita?

Residents of Santa Clarita can report unfair business practices that occur in the city to the Santa Clarita Area Office of the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office located at:

  • 23747 West Valencia Boulevard
  • Room 1
  • Santa Clarita, CA 91355
  • Phone: (661) 253-7244

Complaints concerning deceptive or unfair business activities that occur in Santa Clarita can also be filed with the Los Angeles County Department of Consumer and Business Affairs by calling (213) 974-1452, (800) 593-8222, or by completing and submitting a consumer complaint form online.

It should be noted that restitution or any form of personal remedy is not guaranteed when you file a complaint with any of these offices. These offices use methods like referrals to other agencies, mediation, arbitration, and legal prosecution to resolve complaints that are filed with them, and if you are unhappy with the resolution, you can pursue further legal action. In situations where you wish to seek restitution to the tune of $10,000 or less, this legal action can be pursued at the Small Claims Division of the Los Angeles County Superior Court located at:

  • Santa Clarita Courthouse
  • 23747 West Valencia Boulevard
  • Santa Clarita, CA 91355
  • Phone: (661) 253-7311 or (661) 253-7301

The Los Angeles County Superior Court provides resources and assistance online that you can utilize to get information on how to pursue a small claims case. You can also consult with qualified attorneys in Santa Clarita by contacting the Los Angeles County Bar Association's SmartLaw Lawyer Referral Service either online or by calling (213) 243-1525.