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How to Verify a Professional's License in Sunnyvale?

The California Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) oversees the administration of occupational licenses to eligible professionals in Sunnyvale through its 39 boards and bureaus. These licenses generally certify that the professional has the necessary qualifications to perform the required task, and making sure that your preferred professional has a valid occupational license goes a long way in determining the success of your project. You can confirm that your Sunnyvale professional possesses a valid occupational license by utilizing the DCA license search tool that is readily available online.

Note that you may be required to obtain a permit before carrying out certain types of tasks in Sunnyvale. Permitting in the city is generally handled by the Sunnyvale Community Development Department through its One-Stop Permit Center, which issues a wide array of permits ranging from building and fire permits and air conditioning permits to reroofing permits and bathroom remodeling permits. You can contact the Permit Center at (408) 730-7444 to make inquiries on the types of permits that your intended project will require as well as the procedure for obtaining these permits.

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Do Sunnyvale Neighborhood Councils
Issue Permits?

No, Sunnyvale neighborhood associations do not issue permits. Sunnyvale is currently home to 28 different neighborhood associations, each of which works towards improving local safety, providing socialization and economic opportunities for residents of the city, and enhancing neighborhood and community pride. However, even though these associations do not issue permits, they can be a useful source of information on how to go about the permitting process. You can get contact information on the neighborhood associations in your immediate vicinity via the city's neighborhood association list and map. In response to the Australian wildfires that occurred between late 2019 and early 2020, the Cherryhill Neighborhood Association stated that its 2020-21 grant program would focus on developing a more cooperative and sustainability-focused community. The association plans to do this by encouraging and inspiring its residents into making lifestyle adjustments that will result in the conservation of natural resources. In September 2021, Sunnyvale city officials announced that they would be taking steps to tighten the city's rules on short-term rentals following the shooting death of a teenager at a party in one of these rentals the previous month.

How to File an Unfair Business
Complaint in Sunnyvale?

The Consumer Protection Unit of the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office investigates and prosecutes matters that involve unlawful business practices, false advertising, and other consumer-related issues that occur in Sunnyvale. Complaints can be filed with this unit by completing an online consumer complaint form or by printing, filling out, and submitting a PDF consumer complaint form to:

  • Santa Clara County
  • Office of the District Attorney
  • Mediation Services
  • Consumer Protection Unit
  • 70 West Hedding Street
  • San Jose, CA 95110

Queries can be directed to the Consumer Protection Unit at (408) 792-2880 or via email. You can also request that a complaint form be sent to you via the provided contact information.

The Consumer Protection Unit typically offers mediations services aimed at reaching an acceptable agreement between complainants and businesses. It should be noted that these businesses, or any other parties named in a complaint, cannot be forced to participate in the mediation process. Also, depending on the nature of the complaint or the outcome of the mediation process, complaints may be escalated to the Consumer Protection Unit's Enforcement Division for possible criminal or civil prosecution. However, these prosecutions are done on behalf of the public, not individual consumers, and there is no guarantee of monetary restitution or any other forms of personal relief. Therefore, you should also consider taking private legal action if you intend to seek damages, refunds, or any type of personal relief against the business named in your complaint. This legal action usually involves filing a civil case with the Small Claims Division of the Santa Clara County Superior Court, provided that the amount in contention does not exceed $10,000. You can utilize the small claims self-help resources provided by this court to get information on how to file a small claims case without a lawyer. You can also find qualified lawyers in Sunnyvale to assist you with your legal action by contacting the Santa Clara Bar Association's Lawyer Referral Service, either online or by calling (408) 971-6822.